Your home is the keystone of your life. It is the one place to rest and relax, spend time with loved ones, build a future, and celebrate your accomplishments. For most homeowners, it is the biggest single investment ever made. Why not bring a little extra light into your life? Our professional contractors can design a customized sunroom, built to match your intended use and your home’s environment. Our custom sunrooms can provide an outdoor environment without having to worry about unexpected weather changes, allowing you and your family to relax and share special moments.

Building a Sunroom

Sunrooms can be built as an additional room at the back or side of the home. Sunrooms are also known as sun porches or solariums, and are usually enclosed by glass. Adding a sunroom can increase the value of your home while adding that special, architectural detail that will make your house stand out from the rest. Not only does a sunroom provide extra natural lighting, but it creates an extra living space that has an outdoor feel while remaining enclosed and protected from the elements.

Custom Sunrooms

Advantages of Sunrooms

Our residential contractors are equipped and trained to provide the best design ideas for your renovation or remodeling needs. There are many advantages to adding a sunroom in your home such as:

  • By adding a sunroom, your home will have an expanded living space. It will also allow you to surround yourself with Mother Nature while enjoying the comfort of your own home.
  • Certain materials used for sunrooms can block harmful UV rays that can fade your furniture and carpet over time.
  • Bring sophistication into your home and lifestyle. By adding a sunroom, it will open up the flow of your floor plan.
  • A sunroom can be used for a cozy family meeting room, gourmet kitchen , dining room, pool enclosure , attic expansion, or even a private spa.
Advantages of Sunrooms

How To Get The Perfect Sunroom

Sunrooms support comfortable living and can increase your square footage. If you are considering adding a sunroom or turning an existing room into a sunny retreat, don’t be afraid to get creative!

  • Comfortable Seating - The ultimate sunroom is like a second living room. From upholstered seating to plush pillows and throws, your décor options are limitless. Throw in some fun-patterned indoor or outdoor rugs with an ottoman and see all the options you can choose from.
  • Multi-Purpose Room - A sunroom can be perfect for a seating arrangement such as a dining area. It can also be used as a play room for the children, so they have easy access to outdoors for more fun in the sun.
  • Climate Control- In most sunrooms, heating and air conditioning systems are not built in, but it is still relaxing to be able to cool down with a ceiling fan or a cozy fireplace on a chilly night.
  • Unlimited Privacy - Sunrooms will always get sunny, of course. Most sunrooms have floor-to-ceiling insulated glass windows and doors, but even if you have high-quality windows and doors, the space may get overheated from time to time. In this case, use curtains or shades to make sure that you don’t overheat as you drink your cold glass of iced tea on a relaxing afternoon.
  • All About The Décor - If your sunroom has beautiful French doors and windows, there is no reason to hold yourself back from going crazy with decorating your favorite room in the house. From unique framed prints, books, mirrors to candles, kick up the notch in your sunroom.
  • Simple Yet Elegant - Don’t overthink or clutter your sunroom. A clean and simple color scheme is all that is needed. Add clean and crisp frames of your favorite photos, lamps, and colorful flower arrangements to make it feel a little more personalized.
How To Get The Perfect Sunroom
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