Residential Steel Buildings

Residential Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are ideal for all residential garage and storage needs. Capital Construction, Inc.’s professional technicians can help design an affordable steel building that can be used for garages, carports, workshops, recreational buildings, RV storage, equipment storage, and much more. Capital Construction, Inc.’s steel buildings are affordable and clean structures, allowing you unlimited space from wall to wall. Over the many years, steel buildings have become quite popular. Steel-built homes can offer many benefits and advantages for a family.

Benefits of a Steel Building

Benefits Of A Steel Building

Steel buildings are quickly becoming popular for the present residential market. The market for steel construction is constantly growing at a fast pace. It’s no surprise that steel offers several benefits for the building purchasers. Because steel buildings are economical, flexible, energy-proficient and environmentally friendly, steel buildings offer buyers unbeatable comfort levels and prices.

  • Steel buildings are often available with adjustable panels so you can change the size of each unit per individual preferences. This also allows easy expansion when compared to traditional building methods.
  • Because steel buildings are made of steel, it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes, heavy snow, high winds up to 150 mph, and even earthquakes. Steel buildings are also termite-resistance, and have less chance of any cracks, splitting or rotting.
  • Using steel can undoubtedly save our forests. Also, steel building frames can be recycled which means no trees will need to be cut for remodeling or expansion.
  • No more leftover materials to waste. Steel building parts are already cut to exact size requirements so there’s no measuring, off-cuts or scrap left.
  • Steel buildings can remain in excellent condition even in Seismic Zone 4 areas, meaning specific areas most prone to seismic waves and ground shifts.
  • Since steel building materials are all man-made, every inch is basically perfect. You will not have any imperfections of a natural product like wood.
  • Steel-build buildings require little to no maintenance at all. If maintenance is required, their surfaces will look brand new with a little bit of soap and water.
Steel Buildings
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