Residential Framing

Residential Framing

Residential framing consists of constructing walls, floors, ceilings, and the roof which in essence, creates the outer structure or skeleton of a home or building. One of the most important factors is to always stay in good communication with your professional contractors. With our residential framing experts, Capital Construction, Inc. can guarantee that our framing contractors will deliver high-quality results when it comes to framing your home.

Traditional Framing Methods

Most homes in the U.S. are framed on-site by using conventional lumber, but there are other methods of residential framing. Most homeowners envision their home being built by a process called “stick framing.” Putting pieces together to give a structure shape and support is made possible by this process. For homeowners, the framing process is the most exciting part of the project because once the walls go up, you can start to really see what you have been planning for months.

Once the process of framing structures has been finished, the mechanicals comes into play. This can include pipes, wires, and ducts routed through the walls and floors. Insulation is then put between the framing of exterior walls, which is followed by a thorough inspection. After the structure has been inspected, the interior walls are usually covered with drywall. Once the drywall process has been finished, the outside of the home is covered with a weather-resistant cladding like stucco, brick veneer, or siding.

Residential Framing

Steel Stud Framing

Steel stud framing is made of metal instead of the traditional lumber. One of the many advantages of steel stud framing is that the steel will never burn, rot, shrink, or be eaten away by termites. Our skilled team of professional contractors can construct a steel frame that is significantly stronger than a traditional wood frame.

Benefits of Steel Framing

There are several benefits to steel framing as opposed to stick framing. Metal requires less maintenance and repairs with less warping, bending or breaking. Steel is resistant to serious mold and mildew issues, and it is easy to modify its structure if you plan to expand or reinforce. Steel building construction is also cost effective and energy efficient which serves as a huge advantage when compared to other building materials.

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