Remodeling Homes

Remodeling Homes

If you are looking for professional contractors with many years of experience on hand, Capital Construction, Inc. is your superior choice. Renovating a home can increase the value of the home by renovating damaged or unused areas. Home remodeling can also make the best use of space, so there is a better flow and aesthetic appeal. Adding modern touches or redesigning an existing area can completely transform the look of a space and make it more functional. Our contractors experienced in remodeling homes can provide you with the service and expertise to make you home renovation project a success.

Process of Remodeling a Home

Most professional contractors focus on building new homes, therefore, remodeling a home is a part-time job for some homeowners. The process of remodeling a home is very detailed and specific. Once the plans are signed off and good to go, a new home will be built. During a remodeling process, flexibility within the contractors must be required due to unexpected issues. Our highly-skilled contractors at Capital Construction, Inc. are strongly dedicated and flexible to your needs and preferences.

Professional Home Remodeling Services
  • Designing Your Homes Remodel

    As a homeowner, the first step to a home remodel is design; this is the most fun and exciting part of the process. Our experienced design team can help translate your remodeling vision then come up with a design that you will absolutely love and can afford. If you decide to design the space by yourself, our experts can give you tips on how to make a more productive and comfortable home. Also, keep in mind that you will need to come up with a reasonable budget and be sure to stick with it.
  • Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

    After you have finished with your personalized home design, you will need to meet with a professional contractor to review the design plan for any suggestions that might improve the flow of the home. Capital Construction, Inc. experts can also suggest different ways to stay energy-efficient and smart with your spending. When reviewing the design, our experts will suggest the best materials and products for the project. Good communication is the key.
  • Getting Prepared For Renovations

    In order to begin any construction or repairs, be sure to remove your personal belongings from the work area. Our professional contractors highly recommend setting up a temporary mini-kitchen in another part of the home. Also, be sure to reserve room for large supplies, such as rafters or drywall.
  • Demolishing Your Home

    Capital Construction, Inc. will have a professional wrecking crew for the demolishment of your home. Our contractors will meet all your highest expectations and work according to your needs and schedule.
  • Building A Solid Foundation for Your Home

    After demolishment, our professional contractors will prepare the foundation, which includes framing of the walls, floors, and roof. After the foundation process has been finished, our highly-skilled contractors will do the plumbing, electric, phone and cable lines, and HVAC system installments. Our experts will then install insulation, drywall on walls and ceilings and then flooring. Our crew will then finish wall and ceiling surfaces, install cabinets, counters and window trims along with hooking up appliances and light fixtures.
  • Compare Your Home After Renovations

    When the long process of remodeling your home has finished, you and our experts will tour the newly renovated home, itemizing any details that may need attention or any mistakes that will need to be corrected. Be sure to pay attention to small details and take notes for your new appliances and equipment. After the remodeling process has been finished, take the time to settle in your new place for few months and also make sure all systems and appliances work correctly.
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