Landscaping Professionals

Landscaping Professionals

Landscaping is more than just nice scenery. For most homeowners, landscape defines their interaction and dedication with nature. Enhance your home with our experienced professionals by transforming your boring yard into an oasis. From artificial turf to a lush patchwork of greenery, trust Capital Construction, Inc. to do the job.

Different Landscaping Plants

When choosing plants for your yard, the options are so varied that it can be challenging. Our expert design team can help you by choosing a color scheme that will satisfy your unique taste. Before you jump into garden design, take some time to understand the basics. By being familiar with the different types of landscape plants, you can easily narrow down your choices.

Landscaping Professionals

Popular Landscaping Plants

  • Trees for Landscaping

    Aside from the vines that can grow to great heights, trees are the tallest of the landscape plants. In most cases, these plants are taller than 15 feet and can provide you with a nice shady area and ornamental value. Evergreen trees are able to keep their green foliage throughout the entire yard with only mild shedding. Deciduous trees drop their leaves during cold seasons and regrow them when it starts to warm up. What most homeowners do not know is that trees can take on a variety of habits such as round, columnar, oval, pyramidal or even vase-shaped. Some types of trees can produce fruit, flowers and can be used as accents, privacy fences or natural windbreaks.
  • Shrubs for Landscaping

    Shrubs are known as small trees and can be displayed in multiple stems and are smaller than 15 feet. These mini-trees can take on particular shapes such as upright, spreading, rounded, mounding, arching and cascading. In most cases, gardeners often use dense mounding shrubs in mass areas of a yard. Shrub plants that have dense foliage are perfect for sculptural accents or formal hedges that are cut into tidy shapes. Cascading shrubs that have less rigid effects are used in a large amount of as an accent. Choosing shrubs to revamp your yard can be a great choice.
  • Annual Plants for Landscaping

    Annual plants are known for their colorful and ornamental beauty. They grow and die without re-blooming the following season. Hence the name, these plants are required to be replanted every year. Annual plants can include marigold, sunflowers, petunias and poppies. Some annual plants like hostas are used for typically used for their unique foliage that have limited or no flowers. Annuals can come in every color and grow in hundreds of species which allows you and our highly-skilled landscapers to have a wide variety of choices.
  • Perennial Plants for Landscaping

    Perennials are able to re-bloom on their own for many, many seasons. Most homeowners choose perennials because they require lower maintenance than annual plants. Perennial plants can include colorful blossoms such as California fuchsias, salvia and lavender. Since perennials will remain for many years, perennials are used in low-maintenance yards and/or gardens. Also, different perennials can tolerate a variety of weather conditions.
  • Grass for Landscaping

    When you picture “grass”, most people will think of a simple layout of green turf grass. This is the kind of grass most homeowners mow quite often on their lawns and backyards. Turf grass requires a great amount of attention and maintenance which can include proper irrigation and sprinklers, fertilizations, mowing and dethatching. However, ornamental grass can provide a graceful, clean and delicate appearance in your yard. This type of grass usually adapts to very poor weather conditions and can grow in different colors and up to several feet in height.
  • Vines for Landscaping

    Most homeowners like to use vines in their landscape to add some interest and “pop” to the sides of the homes on archways for an attractive natural effect. Vines can climb and twine, grow into long strands on the ground or gripping onto supportive structures where they can eventually reach great heights. Popular vines include grapevines and clematis.
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