Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to remodel the heart of your home, make sure you work with the best contractors. Capital Construction, Inc. professional contractors have the tools and knowledge for all your kitchen remodeling needs. Our highly-skilled experts specialize in full service kitchen remodeling and repairs. You may think the living room is where you and your family spends most of the time but the truth is that your kitchen is actually the heart of your home. Your kitchen is not just an area for you to prepare meals anymore. Throughout the past 20 years or so, kitchens have started becoming living spaces with more hours spent in these areas.

Residential Kitchen Remodel

Recently-built homes are designed to have kitchens as living spaces, so these rooms became big enough to accommodate your entire family and friends as an additional space for entertaining. Because open areas and space are so important in a home’s layout, our remodeling experts can help to redesign your current kitchen to help accommodate these growing needs. If you have an older home or would like to expand and redesign your current kitchen, we can help you to convert your space into an entertainment’s delight.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services

Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen

Capital Construction, Inc. is your premier kitchen remodeling contractor. Keep in mind that your kitchen is more than just an area for you to cook in; it is the control center of your home. Our experts offer full kitchen remodeling services from cabinet replacements and repairs, to flooring and granite countertops. Your options are limitless.

  • Kitchen Countertops:

    Although granite and quartz countertops may seem like the most attractive option, keep in mind that it adds significant expense to your kitchen remodel. Instead of granite, our experts recommend laminate because it is both cost-effective and has a very similar appearance of granite. Another following trend is a mix of granite and laminate; you can use granite on an island and laminate on the remaining surfaces.
  • Kitchen Cabinets:

    Kitchen cabinet remodeling is a cost-effective and easy way to revamp your kitchen space. By removing outdated and tarnished cabinet doors and replacing it with freshly painted doors is an economical and quick way to give your kitchen a refreshing upgrade.
  • Lighting:

    You will be surprised to see how much difference proper lighting can make in your kitchen. Updating your lighting is a quick and cost-effective way to refurbish your kitchen’s atmosphere. Capital Construction, Inc. professional contractors can install under-cabinet lights to give you better task lighting without any shadows. Our experienced design team can also install pendant or hanging lights to provide a subtle illumination at work stations such as your sink, island or stoves.
  • Flooring:

    The most expensive and difficult part of a kitchen remodel is the flooring. If you are considering a floor upgrade for your kitchen, rely on our professionals to do the job for you!
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