Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows

Capital Construction, Inc. specializes in custom door and window installation. Our experts offer the highest-quality residential windows, replacement windows, and doors at affordable prices. At Capital Construction, Inc., our technicians strive to build and maintain a strong reputation for quality and service for all our customers. Our doors and windows installation services offer the highest-quality glass, window, door and shower enclosures available in the industry today.

Door Installation and Repair

Replacing your home’s doors is a simple, quick and cost-effective way to revamp your house. One of the easiest ways to update the look of your home is to switch out outdated, tired interior doors for new ones. If you are in a tight budget situation, consider new folding doors for all of your bedrooms because it will go a long way towards making those rooms look better than ever. Most homeowners do not realize that minor elements like doors can make a big impression. It is the first thing that people see. Proper entry door installation is an important factor to your home’s overall look. Detailed doors can add architectural impressions and style to a simple home. One of the many advantages of swapping out an old door for a new one is that it can enhance your entryway, improving the value of your home as well as its curb appeal. This is why maintaining proper entry doors within your home is crucial. Our skilled door installation services will not only provide quality products for repairing or replacing your old doors, but we can quickly install any doors such as French doors, metal doors, or sliding doors to add visual appeal to your home.

Custom Door and Window Installation

Window Installation and Repair

For many home shoppers, the amount of windows a home has, the size of those windows, and the location of the windows are often a major selling point. Windows are important to home buyers because they are an essential part of the house. It allows natural light to come into the home, which brightens up the house. Windows also play a major safety feature by preventing rain, snow, wind or dirt from entering your home. A brand new high-quality replacement window will significantly increase the value of your home and help the homeowner lower their utility bill. Our expert window installation services can replace or repair any window, as well as install new windows to improve the look and energy efficiency of your home while adding value.

Doors and Windows Installation Services

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