Custom Pools

Custom Pools

At Capital Construction, Inc., we believe in using high-quality materialsfor all custom pools while building life-long relationships with our clients. Our contractors can help create the outdoor space of your dreams and for your enjoyment. With our design experts, we can take any idea you have and transform it into your own pool paradise. From small remodels to creating your ideal outdoor retreat, you know you can count on us to make it all happen. Our professional pool contractors offer custom pool designs that will exceed your highest expectations.

Pool Designs

For most homeowners, a pool is not just a stand-alone feature, but a focus point in the entire yard. Every pool our professional contractors build is custom-designed and tailored to fit your lifestyle and needs. From simple yet elegant to serene settings, your choices are unlimited. Always think of your pool as the main focal point of your outdoor space. It can complement the natural surroundings or be designed with an inviting waterfall. There are so many available choices that it may seem overwhelming at first. Our experienced design team can help you step-by-step when choosing from flagstone or brick coping to deck colors and textures.

 Pool Designs

Types of Pools

While most homeowners have an image of what their ideal in-ground pool looks like, the reality is that the types of pools available are incredibly varied. If you have the space and budget to make your dream pool, an in-ground swimming pool can be anything you want it to be. Which type of pool you choose can be a major factor in how you use the pool every day, what type of maintenance will be required and of course, the price of the pool.

The following list includes popular types of in-ground pools available:

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are long-lasting because their surface is nonporous and algae resistant, meaning less maintenance when compared to concrete or vinyl pools. Since fiberglass products were made in the mid-50s, it has led a revolution in the construction of swimming pools, becoming one of the most popular options in the swimming pool industry.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

  • Low Maintenance: Fiberglass has a gel coat shell that is nonporous which reduces the growth of algae. It also reduces the amount of harsh chemicals required to maintain the pool.
  • Little Cost: In most cases, there is not much money invested in a fiberglass pool because there are no liners or resurfacing required.
  • Smooth Surface: The nonporous gel coat makes your fiberglass pool smooth to the touch.
  • Built-In Features: Most fiberglass pool designs have built-in seating or steps incorporated into the shell of the pool.
  • Fast Installation: Since fiberglass pools are built off site, the installation process typically takes about 3-5 weeks.
Professional Pool Contractors

Vinyl Pools

When it comes to pricing, a vinyl lined pool is the most cost-effective option. Vinyl pools can come in many styles and can feature different colors and patterns to dress up your pool. Vinyl liner pools have been used for over 60 years, but as technology and materials have advanced, the look of vinyl pools has changed. Vinyl liner pools are assembled in modular panels, giving you the advantage of purchasing in various radius and segments. When choosing vinyl, there are no limits on shape and size.

Advantages of Vinyl Lined Pools

  • Low Cost: When compared to concrete or fiber glass pools, vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial cost.
  • Customizable: There are no limits on the length, width and depth of vinyl lined pools, allowing our experts to build even in the tightest yard space.
  • Algae Free: The material used to create a vinyl liner is nonporous which reduces the chance of algae.
  • Nonabrasive: The nonporous gel coat makes your vinyl pool smooth to the touch.
Types of Pools

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are usually considered the standard by many contractors. Concrete liner is durable and can be easily applied to any pool shape, including extra-large pools. Concrete pools are by far the most popular kind of pool due to the concrete’s durability and aesthetic value.

Advantages of Concrete Pools

  • Customizable: Your choices in designing a concrete pool are limitless. Concrete pools can be in any size, shape or depth. From oval shapes to diving pools, concrete pools can let your imagination run wild.
  • More Features: With concrete pools, you can have any type of features such as vanishing edges, tanning ledges, or beach entries.
Custom Pool Design

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