Custom Patios

Custom Patios

Whether you are dreaming of a new outdoor living space or just dying to revitalize that big eye-sore piece of concrete, planning ahead for a patio is the key to creating a gorgeous and functional outdoor space. With Capital Construction, Inc., our professional contractors can help design and build your perfect outdoor sanctuary. Most homeowners want an outdoor living area which can feature an outdoor kitchen and bar. When working with our experienced and multi-talented contractors, anything is possible. Whether you want an open-air fire pit with built-in seating for the family or an outdoor kitchen with a raised bar top, you know it is all possible with our skilled contractors.

Deciding which type of patio flooring to use is one of the most important decisions you will have to make if you are planning a new patio. With so many different options on the market today, it makes it difficult to decide which is best. When choosing patio material, you should choose one that defines the character of your patio and home. From natural stone to concrete pavers, our expert design team can help you step-by-step in designing the perfect layout and construction of your patio.

Custom Patios

1Free Standing Patio

A free standing patio cover is a great place for family and friends to come together. Why not give new life to your backyard while adding value to your property? With a beautiful free standing patio, you and your family will have a new outdoor living space and provide all weather living.

Advantages of Free Standing Patio
  • Customizable, includes width, length, height and pitch
  • Versatile, creates a great focal point for your yard space
  • Self-supporting designs
  • Clean lines, gives a nice flow throughout the home with open and airy spaces

2Lattice Patio

With lattice patios, you get the traditional wood patio look. Lattice top patio covers are a great option if you are looking to reduce sun exposure by 50%, while maintaining good air flow and allowing filtered light into your home’s interior. Not only are our lattice patios attractive, they complement most Southern California home styles.

Advantages of Lattice Patio
  • Detailed to have square or round columns, piers
  • Customizable, includes width, length, height and pitch
  • Protects your house, windows and doors from direct sunlight
  • Cedar embossed to give a wood like appearance

3Solid Wood Patio

Looking for a simpler way to enhance the look and functionality of your patio or backyard? At Capital Construction, Inc., our experts offer a wide array of eye-pleasing patio cover designs, allowing you to transform your patio into a private outdoor haven. From simple shade structures to custom-designed patio covers, our patio experts have done it all.

Advantages of Solid Wood Patio
  • Placement options, can be extended to your home or detached
  • Natural stain can be used to match your home's decor and exterior
  • Customizable, includes width, length, height and pitch
  • Durable, yet lightweight and easy to modify

4Alumawood Patio

Alumawood patio covers may look like your traditional wood patio, but provides many several benefits such as strength, durability and extremely low maintenance. Our patio experts will create a tailor-made design to meet your specific needs. From professional installation services to help with designing, nothing is impossible with our team.

Advantages of Alumawood Patio
  • Customizable, includes width, length, height and pitch
  • Durability, will not rust, crack, peel or warp
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Termite/insect and weather resistant

Patio Installation

Our professional patio installation services can dress up a simple patio or give your existing patio space a complete make-over. The ideas and options are endless when it comes to choosing colors, textures, and materials that can vamp up your patio space into a comforting retreat. Designing your space with the help of our skilled contractors can add visual appeal to your area while having all your options explained in detail. Successfully constructing custom patios from start to finish is what Capital Construction, Inc. strives to provide.

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